Fundraising for Special Projects

3 Palms Zoo & Education Center utilizes all funds received through admissions. traveling zoos, onsite parties, and other donations to benefit it’s animals and ability to rescue. From time to time a special project needs financing, but we don’t want to take away from the animals to accomplish it. If you would like to support one of these special projects, please take a look at these donation opportunities below.

We have been working tirelessly since  last Summer to provide our guests with a more convenient parking area.  Hopefully many of you have already been able to make use!

DelDOT is planning work on our section of Blackbird Forest Road scheduled for Summer 2017.  They have agreed to deliver all the millings from that project to improve our parking area.

We need your help funding the portion of this project which will bring an improved and widened entranceway to 3 Palms Zoo’s  Parking Area.  This will be beneficial to all of our guests and also allow buses and larger vehicles easier access.

We have currently set a goal of $2,000 to fund the 3 key areas of this project:

  • 40′ of 15″ RCPA Reinforced Concrete Pipe:  $581.60
  • Installation of Piping to DelDOT Specifications:  TBD
  • Millings to cover the  pipe for immediate use:  $700

Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.  Please click the Donate Now button to submit a donation towards this project!  Thank you in advance for your support!

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