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Corporate Sponsorships

Attention Business Owners:

3 Palms Zoo is now offering you a chance to show your support of animals to the local community through 3 Palms Zoo’s Sponsor a Habitat Program. Sponsorship of a habitat during our facility’s relocation, will help us to provide sustainable, larger and more accommodating habitats for our rescued animals; whether it’s a pet someone can no longer keep, wildlife that cannot be released, or someone’s wayward exotic pet.

Your business name will be permanently displayed on a plaque near the habitat or structure you have chosen to sponsor. For a period of one-year, you will also receive invitations to setup a table at any of our seasonal events such as Boo! At the Zoo!, Zoo Lights & Christmas Nights, and Easter EggStravaganZoo! You may also provide us pamphlets or business cards to be displayed in our Admissions & Gift Shop.

To receive the above benefits, you can Sponsor a Habitat or Project Now for Only $1,000! Alternatively, if your business is capable of providing services that will complete one or more of these projects, you will also receive the above benefits.

We are seeking Sponsors to fund the following Projects:

  • Alligator Habitat (25 Sponsors Needed)
  • Red & Silver Fox Habitat (3 Sponsors Needed)
  • Gray Fox Habitat (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Eastern Coyote Habitat (3 Sponsors Needed)
  • Raccoon Habitat (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Skunk Habitat (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Groundhog Habitat (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Vulture Habitat (2 Sponsors Needed)
  • Domestic Rabbit Habitats (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Aquatic Turtle Habitats (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Box Turtle Habitat (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Sheep Habitat (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Llama Habitat (2 Sponsors Needed)
  • Alpaca Habitat (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Goat Habitat (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Donkey Habitat (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Asia Aviary (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Gull & Duck Aviary (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Turkey Habitat (1 Sponsor Needed)
  • Well & Plumbing (5 Sponsors Needed)

We also welcome the community to show their support through this campaign with a donation of any amount. No matter how small, every donation adds up and helps us to make a world of difference for a lot of animals in need! Donations of varying amounts can be made by visiting www.3palmszoo.org/donate. Thank you all very much for your support! We look forward to re-opening our new location promptly!

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