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Admission: $5 per person
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3 Palms Zoo & Education Center rescues all of its Zoo members, providing you a unique Zoo experience.  ​Your trip is largely self-paced, but we always encourage questions and interaction with the Zoo staff.  Your visit is also highly interactive with the animals and includes a few free range animals like Chickens & Geese.  One of the Zookeepers and/or Volunteer(s) will be with you during your visit to answer your questions and tell you about the animals.

We usually start by letting ​a ​few kids at a time into the Goat enclosure, so they can get up close and personal!  If your schedule or number of attendees does not allow, we can skip that part and get right into the Zoo.  The majority of your trip will be along pathways with the animals able to come right up to you for feeding and petting.  Bamboo (or greens) will be provided for you to feed the animals, but the kids can bring quarters if they want to use the machines to feed the birds.

We remind everyone of the rules as we all enter the Alligator area in an orderly fashion.  As the kids make their way out of there, 3 – 4 kids at a time can visit the Rain Forest Habitat.

Thanks to a Girl Scout’s Gold Project, feel free to utilize the picnic area outside the Zoo grounds.  If you wish, you may break for lunch during your visit, ​whenever you’d like.

To schedule a field trip to the Zoo, please use the Online Scheduler below to select a date and time.  Rain dates are highly recommended.  The scheduler defaults to a one-hour visit, but you may stay as long as you’d like.  We recommend on visiting for at least an hour; but that largely depends on your group.  If it is a large group, or the kids are socializing with the animals and asking questions, you may want to plan for additional time.

If the kids are allowed to bring their own money, we also have a Souvenir Stand which helps to support the rescue of these animals.

Field Trip Rules:

1.  No running! No Horseplay!
2.  No running or chasing animals!
3.  Keep an open mind.  If you get scared, don’t panic.  Just talk to us!  It’s important we learn about the animals while you are visiting the Zoo.  Don’t chase or run from free range geese, ducks, or chickens!  ​Don’t be afraid to pet a goose that’s hanging out with you.  They want you to!
4.  No touching, petting, or feeding of any animal with a yellow chain around its enclosure!
5.  Use caution when feeding or petting the Donkey & Pigs.  They have teeth that can hurt you if you are not careful.

6.  Do not pull leaves yourselves, we will provide all leaves for you to feed the animals.  Chicken & Duck/Geese Feeders require quarters.

7.  Have fun & feel free to ask questions!

*Please go over these rules with the kids prior to your arrival.

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