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Admission: $5 per person
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3 Palms Zoo & Education Center rescues all of its Zoo members, providing you a unique Zoo experience. Your trip is largely self-paced, but we encourage questions and interaction with the Zoo staff. Your visit is also highly interactive with the animals and includes a few free range animals like Chickens & Geese. Zookeepers and Volunteers will be throughout the zoo to assist during your visit or to answer any questions and tell you about the animals.

Petting zoo food is available for sale at Admissions for $1 per scoop.  If your group is large, we may need to limit the amount of food that is available to prevent the animals from eating too much.  Most of the animals want you to hand feed them, and it is very important to spread the food around.  Do not let the kids dump entire handfuls of food in any single enclosure, and please try not to drop it in the animals’ water buckets.

The following rules will apply during your visit to the Zoo:

1. No running! No Horseplay!
2. No chasing animals!
3. Keep an open mind. If you get scared, don’t panic. Just talk to us! It’s important we learn about the animals while you are visiting the Zoo. Don’t chase or run from
free range geese, ducks, or chickens!
3. Donkeys can bite! Although friendly, they are playful and can be dangerous. Always use caution when petting or feeding any equine!

4. Do not feed the alligators!
5. Do not force feed out of any of the machines or pull any plants!
6. Have fun & feel free to ask questions!

*Please go over these rules with the kids prior to your arrival.

Plan on visiting for at least an hour; but that largely depends on your group. If the kids are socializing with the animals and asking questions, I’d plan on staying longer. You may break for lunch, if you wish, whenever you’d like.

Full admission will be collected upon your arrival. You may pay cash, check, or credit card at your preference. Cash admission is $5 per person. Card transactions are surcharged the greater of $1 or 4% of the transaction.

We highly recommend providing a rain date when scheduling a visit to our facility. We are not open during periods of precipitation and/or excessive temperatures. Please make plans for an alternate date in case such weather conditions should occur.


If there are any changes to your schedule, please notify us at least 24-hours prior to your scheduled date. A no-show fee of $2.50 per person (up to $50) may apply if we are not provided notice of cancellations or rescheduling.  You may use the reschedule link provided in your confirmation email or text (302) 715-1326 at any time.
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